Southwest Center for Rangeland Sustainability

Southwest Center for Rangeland Sustainability
corona building

Through the hard work and dedication of the CRLRC Advisory Committee, who carried a message to and garnered support from the regional community and industry statewide to build an outreach facility on the CRLRC. Funding for development and planning of the Southwest Center for Rangeland Sustainability was achieved early in the 2007 legislative session, followed by a final appropriation during the 2008 session. Construction began in July of 2010 and was completed November 2011.

Located in rural isolation in Central New Mexico, the SWCRS is designed to provide a comfortable, dedicated venue to host ongoing outreach activities, as well as, for exciting, new programs from the CRLRC. The SWCRS is a centrally located venue available to anyone to facilitate events of regional and statewide interest.

In addition to indoor and outdoor meeting areas, included is a modern library to catalog information and data achieved through research at the CRLRC and hosts office space for staff, visiting scientists and students conducting research on the ranch.

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