Current Projects

Effects of supplemental ruminally undegradable protein on post-weaning performance and economics of calves grazing native rangelands. Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Frannie Miller (AEAB), Craig Gifford (EASNR), Shad Cox (CRLRC), Glenn Duff (CLRC), Micayla Crimmins (ANSC MS Student) Funding: contingent Internal AES Competitive Grant, Hatch funds, CRLRC

Validation of novel device to measure daily intake in grazing ruminants. Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Micayla Crimmins (ANSC MS Student) Funding: Hatch funds, CRLRC

Effects of maternal supplementation of ruminally protected l-arginine on progeny. Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Nigel Miller (Colorado Veterinarian/former ANSC grad student), Clayton Gardner (Manzano Angus/former ANSC Grad Student), Lyndi Owensby (ANRS Research Technician), Brandon Meyerhoff (Medical Student/former ANSC Grad Student), Clint Loest (ANRS), Shanna Ivey (ANRS) and Adam Summers (ANRS). Funding: Hatch, CRLRC, Ajinomoto N.A.

Effects of growth-promoting implants administered during the suckling phase or at weaning on growth and reproduction in replacement beef heifers grazing native range. Shelby Rosasco (ANRS PhD Student), Adam Summers (ANRS), Cierra Kassetas (ANSC Undergrad), Shad Cox (CRLRC), Richard Dunlap (CRLRC), Jennifer Gifford (ANRS), Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS). Funding: Hatch, CRLRC

Evaluation of calf performance against BVD when cows grazing native range are vaccinated with a lifetime regimen of a killed viral or modified live viral vaccine. Emily Melchior (ANSC PhD Student), Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Shanna Ivey (ANRS), John Wenzel (EASNR), Paul Walz (Auburn University), Shelby Rosasco (ANSC PhD Student), Richard Dunlap (CRLRC), Shad Cox (CRLRC) Funding: USDA NIFA Pre-Doctoral Grant, Zoetis Animal Health, CRLRC

Water Intake in Beef Cattle and Wildlife on New Mexico Rangelands. Marcy Ward (EASNR), Sam Smallidge (EASNR), Wei Tang (Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Craig Gifford (EASNR), Shad Cox (CRLRC), Leonard Lauriault (TASC). Funding: SARE grant, contingent Internal AES Competitive Grant and contingent NIFA grant)

One seed juniper sapling control: Effects of simulated browsing on soil-plant dynamics in relation to sapling size and density. Yasser Almalki (RGSC MS Student), Alexander Fernald (WRRI), Andres Cibils (ANRS). Funding: RITF, NSF Salary Savings, Government of Saudi Arabia

Juniper sapling regrowth following targeted grazing treatments in relation to terpenoid concentration. Yasser Almalki (RGSC MS Student), Andres Cibils (ANRS), Richard Estell (USDA ARS JER), Dave Stricklan (ANRS), Santiago Utsumi (Michigan State University), Alexander Fernald (WRRI). Funding: Hatch, USDA ARS JER

Using hydrogels to enhance water holding capacity and ultimately restoration success in a monsoon driven dryland system. Akasha Faist (ANRS), Savvanah Meadors (RGSC Grad Student), Erik Lehnoff (EPPWS). Funding: Hatch, BLM-Plant Conservation and Restoration Program, CRLRC

RestoreNet: Distributed Field Trial Network for Dryland Restoration. Akasha Faist (ANRS), Erik Lehnoff (EPPWS), Brad Butterfield (NAU), Seth Munson (USGS), Elise Gornish (UofA). Funding: BLM-Plant Conservation and Restoration Program, USGS Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest, CRLRC

Impact of rumen undegradable protein supplementation level on beef heifer fertility and the ovarian micro-environment. Maria Chaves (ANRS MS Student), Emily Melchior (ANRS PhD Student), Shelby Rosasco (ANRS PhD Student), Adam Summers (ANRS), Bob Cushman (USDA ARS MARC) Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS). Funding: Hatch, USDA, CRLRC

Influence of increased nutrient intake pre- and post-breeding on performance and reproductive efficiency of beef heifers. Adam Summers (ANRS), Shelby Rosasco (ANSC PhD Student), Bob Cushman (USDA ARS MARC) Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Shad Cox (CRLRC), Richard Dunlap (CRLRC). Funding: Hatch, USDA, CRLRC

Effect of stair-step nutritional programming on ovarian development in replacement beef heifers. Adam Summers (ANRS), Shelby Rosasco (ANSC PhD Student), Bob Cushman (USDA ARS MARC). Funding: Hatch, USDA, CRLRC

Influence of timing and number of doses of semen on AI success rates in beef cattle. Adam Summers (ANRS). Funding: Zoetis Animal Health, CRLRC

Commercial western whiteface wether growth performance on differing sources of water with high and low Sulphur content. Adam Summers (ANRS), Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Shad Cox (CRLRC). Funding: CRLRC

Comparison of efficacy of a 5 day versus 12 day CIDR protocol on AI pregnancy rates in range sheep production. Adam Summers (ANRS), Shad Cox (CRLRC). Funding: CRLRC

Preliminary Data Projects for Grant Submission

Influence of timing and level: Impact of maternal supplementation on female progeny fertility. Adam Summers (ANRS), Joel Caton (NDSU), Larry Reynolds (NDSU), Bob Cushman (USDA ARS MARC), Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS). Funding: CRLRC, NDSU, USDA, Hatch for NIH Cobre grant submission

Influence of BCS and maternal Arginine supplementation on progeny outcome. Eric Scholljegerdes (ANRS), Joel Caton (NDSU), Larry Reynolds (NDSU), Theresa Davis (Baylor Medical School), Clint Loest (ANRS), Adam Summers (ANRS). Funding: CRLRC, NDSU, Ajinomoto N.A., Hatch for NIH Cobre grant submission